Data for Mäkinen et al. (2022) Bayesian Classification of Non-Meteorological Targets in Polarimetric Doppler Radar Measurements


Training metadata and performance statistics for Bayesian radar target classifier. The XML file describes selections into the Finnish Meteorological Institute radar data archive, defined by file name, scan angle, bounds of the annulus sector, and the manually assigned class of radar echo in the selection. The CSV files contain classification confusion matrices in four different classifier configurations.

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Creator Mäkinen, Terhi; Ritvanen, Jenna; Pulkkinen, Seppo; Weisshaupt, Nadja; Koistinen, Jarmo
Publisher Finnish Meteorological Institute
Publication Year 2022
Rights Public Domain Dedication (CC Zero); info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
OpenAccess true
Contact terhi.makinen(at)
Language English
Resource Type Dataset
Format csv; xml
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Discipline Geophysics