Distribution and abundance of the planktic foraminifer Neogloboquadrina pachyderma in sea ice of the Weddell Sea (Antarctica), (Table, 1), supplement to: Spindler, Michael; Dieckmann, Gerhard S (1986): Distribution and abundance of the planktic foraminifer Neogloboquadrina pachyderma in sea ice of the Weddell Sea (Antarctica). Polar Biology, 5(3), 185-191


Sea ice cores were obtained from eleven fast ice stations and one floe in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica in January-February 1985. All cores from the north eastern part of the Weddell Sea contained numerous living and dead planktic foraminifers of the species Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (Ehrenberg), while cores drilled in southern parts were barren of foraminifers with one exception. Foraminiferal abundances were variable, with numbers up to 320 individuals per liter melted sea ice. Distribution of foraminifers appears to be patchy, parallel cores taken less than 30 cm apart contained numbers which varied considerably. On the other hand, three cores taken on a transect each more than 3 km apart showed striking similarities. In general, small dead tests were found in the upper parts of the sea ice cores while large living individuals mainly occurred in lower sections. Abundant diatoms probably serve as a food source for the foraminifers. Correlation of foraminiferal abundance with salinity, chlorophyll and nutrient profiles are inconsistent. The possible mechanism of incorporation of N. pachyderma into the ice is discussed.

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