Hardsubstrate data of offshore wind farms (DanTysk, Sandbank, Horns Rev) in the North Sea


Makrozoobenthic communties were collected at multiple at different depth of wind turbines. Samples were taken by scraping the organisms from the turbines into a net (scrape samples) by scuba divers to analyse the epifaunal communities. Samples were collected in three different wind farms: DanTysk (sampled in 2018, 2019) and Sandbank (2019) in the German exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and Horns Rev (2003-2005) in the Danish EEZ. Epifaunal community was evaluated for recording successional stages of growth on the wind turbines in different depth to cover the vertical zonation along the turbines. The data are part of the Danish monitoring data on offshore wind farms and the German Standard Investigation of the Impacts of Offshore Wind Turbines on the Marine Environment (StUK 4, published by BSH 2014). Data for each campaign comprise different turbines in the wind farms sampled by scuba divers using scrape samples. Biodiversity data of species include abundance (count data) and biomass (wet mass, g) per sample. Data were collected on behalf of Vattenfall in the framework of the mandatory monitoring. Thus we would like to thank Vattenfall who kindly provided the data for scientific independent research analysis and publication.

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Spatial Coverage (6.845W, 55.065S, 7.529E, 55.302N); North Sea; German Bight
Temporal Coverage Begin 2003-03-01T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2019-08-25T14:11:00Z