Traditional Beekeeping and Honey Hunting in Central Cameroon. Audiovisual material


The materials are video recordings made for the ethnographic documentary "Gbaya. Beekeeping and Honey Hunting" (Gruber 2015) in the Adamaoua Region of Cameroon. Ethnographic film was perceived here as an ethnographic research method in the sense of participant observation with a camera (Henley 2000). The material consists of footage of a beekeeper at work, as well as contextualizing interviews with the protagonist. The ethnographic documentary film "Gbaya: Beekeeping and Honey Hunting" (Gruber 2015) portraits practices of traditional beekeeping and honey hunting with honeybees (Apis mellifera adansonii) in the Adamaoua Region of Central Cameroon. The film follows an accomplished beekeeper on a beekeeping excursion in the Savanna landscape in the vicinity of the city of Ngaoundéré. Together with some of his children, the main protagonist demonstrates the manufacturing of a traditional beehive from reed and grasses, the harvesting of honey from such a hive as well as the salvaging of honey from a wild living colony of honeybees. In interviews and informal conversations a local beehunter gives important contextual information, on his practices and situates it as an important element of Gbaya culture. Bees and honey feature importantly in the Gbaya ethnic group, with which he identifies. Traditional beekeeping and honeyhunting are presented as economically and culturally significant activities that afford a high degree of manual skill and embodied knowledge. The archived material constitutes the entire video footage that forms the basis of this film.

Study-Materials note: The context material includes an interview guide. The data set contains data in the following languages: French, Fulfulde and Gbaya.

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