Enzyme activities of Calanus finmarchicus from the North Atlantic collected during Maria S. Merian cruise MSM26 in spring 2013

The activities of proteinases, lipases/esterases and citrate synthase of Calanus finmarchicus copepodites (CV) were analysed. Analysis was performed at 30°C for copepods from seven stations (126-9, 127-17, 131-17, 133-6, 134-19, 135-16, 136-8). In addition, thermal profiles (5-50°C) of these enzymes were analysed for copepods from 3 stations (127-17, 133-6, 135-16). C. finmarchicus of station 127-19 have been acclimated on board to two different temperatures (4 and 15°C) for two weeks. Thermal profiles (5-60°C) of lipases/esterases and proteinases of adult females from each treatment were analysed. Groups of 10 individuals were used to prepare enzyme extracts for analysis. From each station/treatment, three groups were analysed, each of which was measured in triplicates.The activity of proteinases was determined photometrically after Saborowski et al. (2004, hdl:10013/epic.20836), modified after Kreibich et al. (2008, doi:10.1007/s10152-008-0112-0). Azocasein was used as substrate. The lypolytic activity of lipases and esterases in the extract was analysed fluorometrically after Knotz et al. (2006, doi:10.1016/j.cbpa.2006.07.019) using 4-methylumbelliferyl butyrate as substrate. Citrate synthase activity was analysed photometrically after Stitt (1984) modified by Saborowski and Buchholz (2002) with oxaloacetic acid as substrate.For detailed description please contact the author.

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Spatial Coverage (-56.074W, 56.446S, -10.869E, 62.858N); North Atlantic
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