Data for Raatikainen et al. (2021): The effect of marine ice-nucleating particles on mixed-phase clouds


UCLALES-SALSA model outputs focusing on the effect marine ice-nucleating particle (INP) emissions on mixed-phase clouds.

UCLALES-SALSA is available from GitHub: These simulations are made with branch "isdac_poa" (last updated Wed Mar 3 14:59:05 2021), which is available from 3D outputs were merged using post-processing code ../script/combine.f90. The model and the post-processing code were compiled using Fortran, and simulations were made with 64 PUs. Template NAMELISTs and soundings can be found from

File contains all model outputs files compressed into a single zip file. File contains the model input files compressed into a single zip file. File readme.txt contains a brief explanation of the simulations and calculations used to produce the figures for the publication.

UCLALES-SALSA outputs are NetCDF files, which contain several variables. Variables are described with their long name and unit. Three types of ouput files are produced from each simulation: 1) Time series, which are averaged/integrated over domain ( 2) Profiles, which are averaged over horizontal dimensions ( 3) Analysis outputs, which are 3D snapshots of the domain (e.g., and

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Creator Raatikainen, Tomi
Publisher Finnish Meteorological Institute
Contributor Prank, Marje; Ahola, Jaakko; Kokkola, Harri; Tonttila, Juha; Romakkaniemi, Sami
Publication Year 2021
Funding Reference Academy of Finland 322532 and 309127; Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme 821205
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