(Table 3) Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic composition of the terrigenous extract of DSDP Hole 92-598


External reproducibility of Pb isotope ratios by MC-ICPMS using Tl internal correction and standard-sample bracketing (Stancin et al., 2006, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2006.06.038), based on repeat runs of Pb standard NBS-981 and duplicate digests, is estimated as follows: 206Pb/204Pb=+/-0.013%, 207Pb/204Pb=+/-0.008%, 208Pb/204Pb=+/-0.010%, 207Pb/206Pb=+/-0.004%, 208Pb/206Pb=+/-0.006%. The La Jolla Nd isotopic standard measured by TIMS at Michigan during this period was 143Nd/144Nd=0.511813+/-0.000008 (N=20), compared to the old Michigan value of 143Nd/144Nd=0.511850, requiring a correction to the data of 0.007%. Data are normalized online to 146Nd/144Nd=0.7219 to correct for instrumental mass bias. EpsilonNd=104[(143Nd/144Ndsample) / (143Nd/144Ndchur)-1], where 143Nd/144Ndchur=0.512638.

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