Table 1: U-Pb analyses of zircons and monazites of paragneisses which belong to the high grade metamorphic basement of Wilson Terrane

Samples of high grade metamorphic basement rocks of Wilson Terrane cropping out in the Deep Freeze Range and on Kay Island were collected during GANOVEX VI to study their isotopic evolution. The age and origin of granulite facies gneisses and of their migmatite host rocks are especially of interest for the interpretation of the geological and tectonic development of North Victoria Land. Another important research aspect is the influence of the polyphase metamorphic evolution on the isotopic systems of whole rocks and minerals like zircon, garnet, orthopyroxene, amphibole and feldspar.

Zircon ages vary between 480 Ma and 488 Ma, monazites yield ages between 482 Ma and 485 Ma. In Table 1 ages are calculated from Ma to ka.

Supplement to: Klee, Susanne; Baumann, Albrecht; Thiedig, Friedhelm (1992): 9. Age relations of the high grade metamorphic rocks in the Terra Nova Bay Area, North Victoria Land, Antarctica: a preliminary report. Polarforschung, 60(2), 101-106

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