Nutrition of species of the genus Amphiophiura in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, supplement to: Litvinova, N M; Sokolova, Maria N (1971): Feeding of deep-sea ophiuroids of the genus Amphiophiura. Oceanology, 11, 240-247


Nutrition of 6 deep-sea ophiuroid species of the genus Amphiophiura in the Pacific and Indian Oceans has been studied. One species is a detritus-feeder while the others are carnivorous. All 6 are widespread in deep-sea eutrophic regions of both oceans. Carnivorous species are also necrophagous, feeding on dead fish, surface pteropods, and crustaceans. Fishes are consumed mainly in the Indian Ocean, pteropods in the Pacific. Thus, as shown by carnivorous Amphtophiura, the rain of dead surface pelagic organisms is one of the most important sources of food for a number of deep-sea bottom-dwelling invertebrates.

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