Object-Oriented Development Process Practices, 1997


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The dataset forms part of the research information for a project entitled <i>Design Patterns for Reuse and the Software Development Life Cycle Model</i>. The aim of this project was to demonstrate the feasibility of incorporating patterns-based design techniques into an object-oriented development process model (industrial strength).

Main Topics:

The dataset is a tabulated set of responses to a questionnaire directed at computer professionals who utilise object technology. It was designed to extract information about current practice in the process of object-oriented development. The questionnaire was divided into six parts : General background. Project initiation : tasks. Requirements engineering : tasks, techniques and work products. Analysis modelling : tasks, techniques and work products. Design and implementation : tasks, techniques and work products. Respondents' details.

The sample consisted of persons/organisations expressing an interest in design patterns via the &lt

Postal survey

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