Does the unemployment benefit institution affect the productivity of workers? Evidence from a field experiment 2010-2015


Dataset is comprised of experimental outcomes and observational data. The project investigates whether and how the type of unemployment benefit institution affects productivity. We designed a field experiment to compare workers’ productivity under a welfare system, where the unemployed receive an unconditional monetary transfer, with their productivity under a workfare system, where the transfer is received conditional on the unemployed spending some time on ancillary activities. Over 300 subjects signed up for the experiment and were employed as research assistants to code newspapers. They remained employed based on their subsequent productivity.

Experimental design. For the four groups (two UBIs - unconditional and conditional, and two No UBI - comparison) we recruited students from University of Rosario and University of Los Andes, to work as research assistants. Among all subjects available, we randomly selected and invited to the induction day approximately 100 subjects per treatment/stage. Coders’ daily productivity was measured by the number of news correctly coded per day.

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Creator Blanco, M, Universidad Del Rosario; Dalton, P, Tilburg University; Vargas, J, Universidad Del Rosario
Publisher UK Data Service
Publication Year 2020
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