Cryo-electron microscopy EPN BAG


At the EPN campus level structural biology work is carried out in all the 4 institutes (IBS, ESRF, ILL and EMBL). Today all structural biology groups are turning to cryo-EM. The EM demand is therefore extremely high and present in the 4 Institutes. In a nutshell, there are more than 45 PIs that could benefit from Krios time on the EPN campus (more than 90 different samples). Around 20 % of the sample are ready for high resolution data collection with already prepared grids that have been pre-screened on Glacios microscopes. Whereas some work could be carried out on Glacios microscopes, for difficult samples the use of a krios is indispensable (heterogeneous sample or limited concentration requiring a large number of images; small protein etc). Only these samples will be selected for Krios time at the BAG level

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Publication Year 2026
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