Experimental data compilation, thermal tolerance and thermal responsiveness of fish species and life stages


The data files contain experimental measurements of thermal tolerance, as well as temperature-dependent development and oxygen consumption rates (i.e. thermal responsiveness) of different life stages of fish. The data were extracted from studies published between 1930 and March 2020, including marine and freshwater species from all continents and climate zones (-70° to 80° latitude). The data were analyzed to assess differences in thermal tolerance and thermal responsiveness between life stages and species living at different latitudes. A phylogenetic imputation procedure was used to predict thermal tolerance limits of life stages for which no experimental data was available. Experimental and imputed thermal tolerance data were used to estimate thermal safety margins (indicating the risk of habitat loss) of different life stages of more than 600 species under different climate change scenarios by 2100.

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.917796
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