The world of everyday life: Ninety five ( 95 ) silver crafts of Ioannina town narrate


The aim of the research is to record the lived experience and memory of the silver workers of Epirus and to contribute to the study of the history and memory of the silver working world of the city of Ioannina and the small mountainous region of Kalarrita, from the 18th century until today. Throughout the recording, about 95 silverworkers talk about their work, their craftsmanship and its value in modern economics, their workshop, and their relationships with other craftsmen, traders, customers , for the cultural evaluation of the objects they manufacture.They thus emerge as active social entities that, through social and cultural practices, form their identities, relationships, conflicts, domains of power, and form distinct perceptions, strategies for adapting and integrating into the modern world of a market economy. It is pointed out that the concept of labor is not conceived as an economic, merely a concept, inextricably linked to the process of production, but also as a social and cultural concept, linked to the process of social reproduction, of culture in general.Several studies, moreover, have already shown that the economic sphere does not appear independent and autonomous from other social activities and relationships (on the contrary, incorporates relationships, meanings, values, culture in the broader sense) nor is it the sole regulator of social relations and changes. The digitization of the material has been completed and its integration into a relevant database is imminent. The intent of the holder of the collection is to incorporate the above material into the Folklore Museum of the University of Ioannina (), where it will co-exist with the material objects present there (An entire workshop of silverware and other objects).

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Creator Bada, Konstantina
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Publication Year 2022
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Language Greek, Modern (1453-); Greek
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