Petrogenic OC used for biosynthesis of sediment core HE519_2-3


Based on the CSRD obtained by AMS the contribution of fossil OC (F14C=0; [%]) used for bacterial membrane lipid synthesis (IPL-FA) was calculated using an isotope mass balance. For the estimation two endmembers were used:1) Fossil carbon (F14C=0) – OC derived from the local bedrock2) Recently synthesized carbon (F14C~1) – OC derived from primary production in the water column. Detailed F14C-values were taken from surface DIC age model, depending on the year of sediment deposition (based on Pb+Cs age model).

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Creator Ruben, Manuel Jannis ; Hefter, Jens ; Schubotz, Florence ; Geibert, Walter ; Butzin, Martin ; Gentz, Torben ; Grotheer, Hendrik ; Forwick, Matthias ; Szczuciński, Witold ; Mollenhauer, Gesine (ORCID: 0000-0001-5138-564X)
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