Physical and chemical characteristics of soil samples


Soil samples were taken in the bog site of the Siikaneva peat complex and adjacent shrub-belt and forest site in Ruovesi, Finland. Samples were characterized by measuring water content, bulk density, C and N content and further parameters. Samples were collected on 2020-10-22 and 2020-10-23. A subset of samples was taken for a 53 day incubation experiment at 20°C in June 2021. The aim was to measure microbial CO2 production rates of soil samples with varying soil characteristics and water contents to test and establish a new method for incubation measurements with high temporal resolution using a LI-7810. For further information on the method see .

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Creator Schwarzer, Johanna; Treat, Claire C; von Delden, Lona
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2022
Funding Reference European Research Council, 851181
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Spatial Coverage (24.170W, 61.838S, 24.172E, 61.839N)
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