Accumulation of glucose and protein hydrolysate by natural populations of microorganisms in the Black Sea and Atlantic Ocean


Accumulation rate of dissolved organic matter (DOM) by natural populations varies over a wide range. In the surface layer of the Black Sea accumulation rate of glucose is 0.6-4.82 mg C/m3 per day, and in the Atlantic Ocean 1.15-12.38 mg C/m3 per day. This rate is 2-17 times higher when hydrolysate is added to the medium. Accumulation rate of glucose and hydrolysate in the aphotic layer of the Black Sea and the Atlantic Ocean is 1.5-6 times lower than at the surface. The organotrophic coefficient also varied within wide range. Relative amount of DOM used by microorganisms for growth in total production is much less (0.6-39.9%) in areas of intensive photosynthesis than in waters poor in DOM (83.7-99.2%).

Supplement to: Kondrat'eva, T M; Burlakova, Z P (1979): Accumulation of dissolved organic matter and role of organotrophy in the total production of microorganisms in the Black Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Oceanology, 19(4), 467-472

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