Oxygen concentration at time series station DYNAPROC


Continuous measurements between 0 and 200 m depth were performed every 2 h over two separate periods of four days at a station in the open northwestern Mediterranean Sea (Dyfamed Station) during the Dynaproc cruise in May 1995. Estimates of the daily variations in profiles of temperature, partial pressure of CO2, oxygen, chlorophyll a and nutrients were obtained. The distributions of the various physical and chemical properties were clearly different during the two time series, which were separated by a period of 11 days during which a wind event occurred. The mean daily utilization or production due to biological processes of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), nitrate+nitrite and oxygen were calculated along isopycnals using a vertical diffusion model. Between the surface and about 20 m depth, DIC was consumed and O2 released during the two time series while the nitrate+nitrite concentrations as well as supplies were zero. After the wind event, the O2 : C : N ratios of consumption (or production) were, on average, near the Redfield ratios, but during the first time series, the C : N utilization ratio between 20 and 35 m was two to three times that of Redfield stoichiometry and the oxygen release was low. The integrated net community production (NCP) in terms of carbon was equivalent during the two time series, whereas the chlorophyll a biomass was twice as high, on average, during the first time series but did decrease. These results imply that the production systems were different during the two periods. The first time series corresponds to a period at the end of production, due to the nutrient depletion in the euphotic layer. The formation of degradation products of the living material in dissolved organic form is probably important as indicated by the high C : N utilization ratios. The second time series corresponds to a reactivation of the primary production due to the upward shift of nutrients after the wind event.

Supplement to: Copin-Montégut, Claire (1999): Consumption and production on scales of a few days of inorganic carbon, nitrate and oxygen by the planktonic community: results of continuous measurements at the Dyfamed Station in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea (May 1995). Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 47(3), 447-477

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