Tatras - alpine summits - Slovakia

The Site was established in 2001 as a part of research initiative GLORIA (Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments) and as a long-term observation network for the comparative study of climate change impacts on mountain biota respecting the multi-summit sampling design. The Site is situated in the Tatra National Park and consists of four summits occurring in the alpine belt: Krížna peak (1,918.6 m a.s.l.), Veľká kopa peak (2,052.4 m a.s.l.), Sedielková kopa peak (2,061.3 m a.s.l.) and Summit – Krátka peak (2,374.5 m a.s.l.). The re-investigation of site take place every 7 years and the data are compared with other GLORIA research sites within the world-wide network.The first took place in within the 5th RTD framework programme of the EU, the second in 2008 and the next in 2015.

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