Micro-XRF scanning results of rhyolitic tephra layers from the Auckland Volcanic Field, Chromium X-ray tube


Itrax Micro-XRF scanning results recorded at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO; Sydney, Australia) on Molybdenum and Chromium X-ray tubes. Various step sizes, exposure times and scanning positions. Tephra names following EMPA ID as stated in the related manuscript.

LP would like to thank AINSE Limited for providing financial assistance (Award - PGRA 12196) to enable work on the ANSTO Itrax core scanner.

Supplement to: Peti, Leonie; Gadd, Patricia S; Hopkins, Jenni L; Augustinus, Paul C (2019): Itrax μ‐XRF core scanning for rapid tephrostratigraphic analysis: a case study from the Auckland Volcanic Field maar lakes. Journal of Quaternary Science

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Spatial Coverage (174.813 LON, -36.866 LAT); Auckland, New Zealand