New Baltic Barometer I-VI Trend Dataset, 1993-2004


Abstract copyright UK Data Service and data collection copyright owner.The New Baltic Barometer (NBB) was launched in 1993 to reflect opinions in three multi-ethnic societies, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, incorporated into the Soviet Union as a consequence of the Second World War. There were six NBB surveys conducted from 1993 to 2004, with many questions repeated to show trends. From 2001, the NBB was merged with the New Democracies Barometer to form New Europe Barometer (available from the UK Data Archive under GN 33355). Therefore the last two NBB surveys are available under SN 5242 and SN 5243 which are part of the New Europe Barometer series. Whereas political rhetoric often describes all people of a given nationality as thinking alike, election results show differences of opinion. The NBB documents differences within every nationality in the region along lines of age, education, economic circumstances and gender. Differences within each nationality may be paralleled by similarities between nationalities. Comparisons with the Russians in Russia can be made through the New Russia Barometer (available at the Archive under GN 33374) survey. Further information about the NBB survey series is available on the Baltic Voices web site. Additional information about all the Barometer survey series managed by the CSPP can be found on the CSPP Barometer Surveys web site.

New Baltic Barometer I-VI Trend Dataset, 1993-2004 has been created from the single-year multi-country files that comprise the NBB series and integrates results from all six rounds of NBB surveys from 1993 to 2005. The accompanying codebook presents the full text for all questions in English, and an indication of the years in which they were asked.

Main Topics:

The dataset covers the following topics:attitudes to business and welfareproduction and consumption employment economic conditions economic activity economic evaluations and aspirations attitudes to government collective identities rights and duties of citizenship political parties ethnic identities and language trust ethnic relations international affairs EU accession social characteristics

Multi-stage stratified random sample

Face-to-face interview

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