(Table 1) Strontium concentration and isotope ratios of carbonates from DSDP Holes 69-504B as well as 83-504B and fish debris samples from Indian and Pacific Ocean sediments


Recent revisions of the geological time scale by Kent and Gradstein (in press) suggest that, on the average, Cretaceous magnetic anomalies are approximately 10 m.y. older than in Larson and Hilde's (1975) previous time scale. These revised basement ages change estimates for the duration of alteration in the ocean crust, based on the difference between secondary-mineral isochron ages and magnetic isochron-crustal ages, from 3 to approximately 13 m.y.In addition to the revised time scale, Burke et al.'s (1982) new data on the temporal variation of 87Sr/86Sr in seawater allow a better understanding of the timing of alteration and more realistic determinations of water/rock ratios during seawater-basalt interaction. Carbonates from all DSDP sites which reached Layer 2 of Atlantic crust (Sites 105, 332, 417, and 418) are deposited within 10-15 m.y. of crustal formation from solutions with 87Sr/86Sr ratios identical to unaltered or contemporaneous seawater. Comparisons of the revised seawater curve with the 87Sr/86Sr of basement carbonates is consistent with a duration of approximately 10-15 m.y. for alteration in the ocean crust.Our preliminary Sr and 87Sr/86Sr data for carbonates from Hole 504B, on 5.9-m.y.-old crust south of the Costa Rica Rift, suggest that hydrous solutions from which carbonates precipitated contained substantial amounts of basaltic Sr. For this reason, carbonate 87Sr/86Sr cannot be used to estimate the duration of alteration at this site. A basalt-dominated alteration environment at Hole 504B is consistent with heat-flow evidence which indicates rapid sediment burial of crust at the Costa Rica Rift, sealing it from access by seawater and resulting in unusually low water/rock ratios during alteration.

Supplement to: Staudigel, Hubert; Hart, Stanley R (1985): Dating of ocean crust hydrothermal alteration: Strontium isotope ratios from Hole 504B carbonates and reinterpretation of Sr isotope data from Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 105, 332, 417, and 418. In: Anderson, RN; Honnorez, J; Becker, K; et al. (eds.), Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, Washington (U.S. Govt. Printing Office), 83, 297-303

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