Benthic foraminifera counts of IODP Hole 344-U1381C


Benthic foraminifera (>125 µm fraction) were analysed in sediment samples from Hole U1381C (08°25.7027′N; 84°09.48′W, 2064.6 m water depth) located off Costa Rica (East Pacific) and obtained during IODP Expedition 344. We analysed samples each 10-20 cm in the uppermost 55 meters. The relative abundance of the most abundant species in the uppermost 47 meters representing the last 650 ka was discussed in Diz et al. (2018). Here we provide the full counts for the first 55 meters of the Hole U1381C.

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Creator Diz, Paula ORCID logo; Hernández-Almeida, Iván ORCID logo; Bernárdez, Patricia ORCID logo; Pérez-Arlucea, Marta; Hall, Ian R ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2021
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Spatial Coverage (-84.158 LON, 8.428 LAT)
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Temporal Coverage End 2012-10-27T21:45:00Z