Microwave brightness temperature measurements during the ACLOUD Arctic airborne campaign in early summer 2017 out of Svalbard


The data set contains measurements performed by the passive radiometer as part of the MiRAC (Microwave Radar and radiometer for Arctic Clouds) operated on board the Plar 5 research aircraft during 19 flights of the Arctic CLoud Observations Using airborne measurements during polar Day (ACLOUD) campaign, carried out in early summer 2017 northwest of Svalbard (Norway). The measurement campaign is embedded in the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre TR 172 (ArctiC Amplification: Climate Relevant Atmospheric and SurfaCe Processes, and Feedback Mechanisms (AC)3. The published data set consists of brightness temperature measurements at nadir view with respect to the aircrafts fuselage at six frequencies in the water vapor absorption band at around 183.31 GHz and at two additional channels at 243 and 340 GHz. It should be considerd, that the brightness temperatures have not been corrected for aircraft attitude. The data set has been quality checked and is available in netcdf format for each flight separately. Details on the instrument can be found in Mech et al. (2019, doi:10.5194/amt-12-5019-2019).

The files contain brightness temperatures, measurement times, and some key numbers of the operated instrument. In addition meta information and attributes are provided. The files are in netcdf format following CF-1.8.

DOI https://doi.pangaea.de/10.1594/PANGAEA.944070
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Related Identifier https://doi.org/10.5194/amt-12-5019-2019
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Creator Mech, Mario; Risse, Nils; Crewell, Susanne; Kliesch, Leif-Leonard; Krobot, Pavel
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2022
Funding Reference German Science Foundation, 268020496
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Spatial Coverage (15.504W, 78.246S, 15.504E, 78.246N)
Temporal Coverage Begin 2017-05-23T08:51:07Z
Temporal Coverage End 2017-06-26T15:24:02Z