Post infra-red, infra-red stimulated luminescence (PostIR-IRSL) dates of fluvial and marine Terraces along the lower Santa Ynez River, California


Polymineral multi-grain aliquot equivalent dose measurements were determined on a Risø TL/OSL DA-15 with a machine source error of 0.087 Gy/sec.# =The preferred age is the sample age that correlates to a paleo sea-level highstand. For Mt1, both samples correlate to highstands during MIS3, so the full range of ages is used.

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Creator Onderdonk, Nathan; Kelty, Clay
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2022
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Spatial Coverage (-120.601W, 34.607S, -120.256E, 34.720N); Santa Ynez River, California, USA