LabArchives ELN exports (Yinuo Wang and Dana Klug) for the Open Source Malaria Series 3 paper entitled "Reaction hijacking inhibition of Plasmodium falciparum asparagine tRNA synthetase"


LabArchives ELN exports for YNW and MNB with experimental details relating to the OSM Series 3 preprint paper titled "Reaction hijacking inhibition of Plasmodium falciparum asparagine tRNA synthetase". Experiments were performed at UCL. Detailed procedures, characterisation (NMR, LCMS) and raw data files are provided with each reaction write-up for all intermediates and biologically tested final compounds. A list of all OSM Series 3 compounds with associated biology data (MRSA potencies, physicochemical properties, metabolic properties, toxicity) may be also found in OSM3 malaria molecule spreadsheet.

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Creator Wang, Yinuo; Klug, Dana; Todd, Matthew
Publisher University College London UCL
Contributor Figshare
Publication Year 2023
OpenAccess true
Contact researchdatarepository(at)
Language English
Resource Type Dataset
Discipline Chemistry; Natural Sciences