Radiocarbon datings from sediment core PS93/031-5 (NW Fram Strait)


Sediment core PS93/031-5 was obtained during RV POLARSTERN expedition PS93.1 in the northwestern Fram Strait on the Northeast Greenland continental margin from 2,135 m water depth.Sediment slices of approx. 5 mm thickness were taken from sediment core PS93/031-5 every 0.5 cm (~30 g dry sediment per sample). Sediments were freeze-dried, weighed, and washed with deionized water through a 63 µm mesh. The remaining coarse fraction was dried at 50°C.Radiocarbon datings were performed on 9 samples of sediment core PS93/031-5 at the AMS-14C facility of the Leibniz Laboratory for Age Determination and Isotope Research of Kiel University from August 2018 to April 2019 on ~2,000 specimens of N. pachyderma (morphotype 1-2) per sample (identification following the morphotype concept of Eynaud, 2011).According to the radiocarbon datings (no reservoir correction applied) the sediment core covers the Late Quaternary time interval from 4,023 to 18,135 years before present (1950 CE). No sediments are present from the interval 11,170-15,950 years before present (hiatus at 25 cm core depth). When a conversion to calibrated years is performed with the program Calib 8.2 (, using the IntCal20 data set and applying a reservoir correction of 550 years, the core covers the interval of 3,750-23,230 years before present, with the hiatus covering the interval 12,660-18,550 years.

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