Air quality in Svalbard: sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and ozone in Longyearbyen


The pilot air quality study took place in Longyearbyen from 26.06.2018 to 15.08.2018. The chemiluminescence NO/NO2/NOx Analyzer (model T200), UV Fluorescence SO2 analyser (model T100) and photometric O3 analyser (T400) were placed in the office at the third floor at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), where the inlet of the sampling hose was fixed outside from the window. The SO2 and NOx monitors have been calibrated in-situ with use of zero-air generator and standard SO2 and NO gases with concentration of 361 ppb and 777ppb, respectively. The O3 monitor was weekly calibrated online by the technical personnel from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research. Similar measurements have been performed in Ny-Ålesund and Barentsburg. The data from these settlements is not included in the current archive. However, the measurement results are discussed in the PhD thesis of Alena Dekhtyareva «On local and long-range transported air pollution in Svalbard» (ISBN: 978-82-8236-356-3).

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