Ammonium concentrations from the Gulf of Naples for Enveurope A5

Ammonium concentrations are provided from 10 depths (0 to 70 m) from the LTER- Marechiara Station in the Gulf of Naples on 4 seasons, 2012. The four data were chosen as to represent differen phases in the seasonal cycle of plankton in the Gulf of Naples

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Creator Francesca Margiotta; Priscilla Licandro
Publisher Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe
Contributor DEIMS-SDR Site and Dataset registry
Publication Year 2013
Rights No conditions apply to access and use; The data provider must be offered co-authorship for publications using this dataset at least within the metadata description Formal acknowledgement of the dataset providers The opportunity to collaborate on the project using the dataset public access limited according to Article 13(1)(g) of the INSPIRE Directive
OpenAccess true
Contact margiot(at); zingone(at)
Discipline Environmental Monitoring
Spatial Coverage (14.247W, 40.817S, 14.253E, 40.823N)