Bacterial production in water samples collected at Station MARCH-1997-GN36199704601MSB07 in the Aegean Sea


Bacterial production was estimated by the 3H-leucine approach (Kirchman, Newell, Hodson, 1986). For each depth duplicate samples and a control were incubated with 1 nM L-[4,5 3H]-leucine (specific activity 128 Ci/mmol in March, 158 Ci/mmol in September) +18 nM non radioactive leucine. Samples were incubated in the dark at in situ temperature. Bacterial production was calculated according to Kirchman (1993) from 3H-leucine incorporation rates.

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Creator Christaki, Urania; Van Wambeke, France; Dolan, John
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Contributor Hellenic Center of Marine Research, Institut of Oceanography, Greece
Publication Year 1999
Funding Reference Fourth Framework Programme, IC21960002; Fourth Framework Programme, MAS3960051; Sixth Framework Programme, 36949
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