Distribution of the main heavy minerals identified in sediment core CRP-2/2A, supplement to: Polozek, Kerstin (2000): Distribution of heavy minerals in CRP-2/2a, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 7(4), 567-573

Heavy minerals from the lower Oligocene to Quaternary sediments of the CRP-2/2A drill core have been analysed in order to characterize the mineralogical composition of the sediments and to reconstruct their source areas.In the heavy mineral spectrum, pyroxenes up to 90 % predominate. Hornblende, stable heavy minerals (zircon, garnet, epidote, titanite and apatite), opaque and altered minerals are quantitatively minor. Also titanaugite and glass occur in minor amounts. The distribution of heavy minerals throughout the entire sediment core CRP-2/2A points to a mixed source area in the Transantarctic Mountains.According to down-core distribution patterns of heavy minerals, the sediments of CRP-2/2A can be subdivided in two larger units. From 624 to ca. 270 mbsf the sediments are characterized by heavy minerals derived from source rocks in the Transantarctic Mountains, like Granite Harbour intrusive complex, Ferrar Group and Beacon Supergroup. From 270 m to top of core, an additional volcanic component, represented by titanaugite and glass, occurs in the sediments. The fluctuating influence of different source areas within the Transantarctic Mountains is shown by the existence or absence of individual minerals such as biotite and brown hornblende.

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