(Table 1) Iron and manganese speciations in surface layer bottom sediments of the Pacific Ocean


Distribution of iron and manganese speciations in ocean sediments of a section from the coast of Japan to the open Pacific Ocean is under consideration. Determinations of total iron, as well as of reactive iron contents and of total manganese, as well as of Mn4+ contents have been done. Significant increase of total Fe content in sediments from the coast to the pelagic zone occurs without noticeable increase in reactive Fe content. Presence of layers of volcanic and terrigenous coarse clastic material in clayey sediments results to sharp change in iron content. Manganese content increases from near coastal to pelagic sediments more than 10 times; oxidation degree of sediments also increases. There are three types of bottom sediments different by contents of iron and manganese forms: reduced, oxidized (red clay), and transitional. Content of total Fe is almost does not change with depth in sediments, content of reactive Fe increases in reduced sediments, and decreases in oxidized ones. Manganese content in red clay mass increases several times.

Supplement to: Rozanov, Alexander G; Sokolov, Vassily S; Volkov, Igor I (1972): Iron and manganese speciations in bottom sediments of the Northwest Pacific. Litologiya i Poleznyye Iskopaemyye (Lithology and Mineral Resources), 7(4), 26-39

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