Heat resilience of intraspecific outbred compared to inbred lineages in the kelp Laminaria digitata: gametogenesis, thermal tolerance and growth


In a mechanistic investigation of heat stress, heterosis (hybrid vigour), and underlying gene expression patterns, we assessed the thermal performance of inbred (selfings) and outbred (reciprocal crosses) sporophytes of the N-Atlantic kelp Laminaria digitata among clonal isolates from two divergent populations; one from the temperate North Sea (Helgoland) and one from the Arctic (Spitsbergen). First, we investigated the upper thermal tolerance of microscopic sporophytes in a 14-day experiment applying sublethal to lethal 20–23°C. We then subjected 4–7 cm long sporophytes to a control temperature (10°C), moderate (19°C) and sublethal to lethal heat stress (20.5°C) for 18 days to assess the physiological parameters growth and optimum quantum yield.

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