Extrapolation of ex-situ bacterial production and community respiration rates at 22°C from incubations with water bottle samples from METEOR cruise M156


This dataset includes measured and calculated data over the epipelagic layer (0-200 m depth) of 25 stations with 14 of them inside or in the vicinity of a cyclonic eddy that formed off Mauritania along the ∼ 900 km zonal corridor between Mauritania and the Cabo Verde islands in the eastern Tropical North Atlantic during the M156 cruise on the RV Meteor from July 3rd to August 1st 2019. To extrapolate BP and CR rates to 22°C, we used equations from López-Urrutia and Morán for BP (BPU; 2007) and from Regaudie de Gioux and Duarte for CR (CRRG; 2012). we compared the rates of BP and CR measured ex-situ (BP_ex-situ and CR_ex-situ) with the rates obtained from BPU (BPU_14°C) and CRRG (CRRG_average temperature) at the temperature set during the incubations. References: López-Urrutia and Morá ,2007(https://doi.org/10.1890/06-1641); Regaudie de Gioux and Duarte, 2012 (https://doi.org/10.1029/2010GB003907)

BPU=[exp^(-0.589/(kT))× [(2.33 × 10^11 x chl a)/(chl a +4.08)+6.77×10^9 ]]× Heterotrophic Bacteria abundance. Temperature and resource availability effects on cell-specific bacterial metabolism, with k, the Boltzmann's constant (8.617734 10^-5 eV/K), T the water temperature (°K), chl a, the in-situ chlorophyll a concentration in µg/L and in-situ heterotrophic bacteria abundance (HB) in cell/LLn^((CR_RG/(chl a )))= -0,66×(1/kT)+27,72CR_RG =exp^(Ln^((CR/(chl a ))) )× chl a. The linear relationship between the natural logarithm of the volumetric specific chlorophyll a-CR rates (CR/chla) in mmol O2/(mg Chl a day) within 1°C bin and the inverted water temperature (1/kT) with k, the Boltzmann's constant (8.617734 10-5 eV/K) and with T, the water temperature (°K). CRRG (µmol O2/ (L x day) was then obtained from the exponential of the natural logarithm of the volumetric specific chlorophyll a-CR rates multiplied by the in-situ chlorophyll a (Chl a in µg/L).The rates obtained from the equations (BPU_14°C and CRRG_incubation temperature) were significantly correlated (Fig. S3 in the supplement) and within the ranges of the rates measured with ex-situ incubations (BPex-situ and CRex-situ). Therefore, we used the correlation of BPU_14°C with BPU_22° and CRRG_incubation temperature with CRRG_22°C to extrapolate BP and CR at 22°C: BP_22°C= BP_ex-situ 1,906; CR_22°C= 2,011*CR_ex-situ - 0,013

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