Composition of sediments, rocks, and ores from the Northern and Equatorial Indian Ocean


The monograph has been written on the base of data obtained from samples and materials collected during the 19-th cruise of RV ''Akademik Vernadsky'' to the Northern and Equatorial Indian Ocean. Geological features of the region (stratigraphy, tectonic structure, lithology, distribution of ore-forming components in bottom sediments, petrography of igneous rocks, etc.) are under consideration. Regularities of trace element concentration in Fe-Mn nodules, nodule distribution in bottom sediments, and engineering-geological properties of sediments within the nodule fields have been studied. Much attention is paid to ocean crust rocks. The wide range of ore mineralization (magnetite, chromite, chalcopyrite, pyrite, pentlandite, and other minerals) has been ascertained.

Supplement to: Shnyukov, Evgeny F; Starostenko, V I; Belevtsev, R Ya; Gozhik, Piotr F; Kalyaev, G I; Koptyukh, Yu M; Overchuk, V O; Slipchenko, V V; Sobotovich, Emlen V; Sobolevsky, Yu V; Chugunny, YuG; Shcherbakov, I B (1984): Geology and Metallogeny of the Northern and Equatorial Indian Ocean. Kiev, Naukova Dumka (E.F. Shnyukov, Ed.), 168 pp

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Creator Shnyukov, Evgeny F; Belevtsev, R Ya; Gevorkiyan, B Kh; Gozhik, Piotr F; Kalyaev, G I; Koptyukh, Yu M; Overchuk, V O; Orlovsky, Georgy N; Slipchenko, V V; Sobolevsky, Yu V; Sobotovich, Emlen V; Chugunny, YuG; Shcherbakov, I B
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Spatial Coverage (47.217W, -17.033S, 89.717E, 24.917N); Shelf of the Socotra Island; Shelf of the Arabian Peninsula; Arabian Sea; Continental slope of the Arabian Peninsula; Indostan shelf; Arabian-Indian Ridge; Karlsberg Ridge; Somali Basin; Equator Seamount; Central Basin, Indian Ocean; Bay of Bengal; Maria Celeste Fault Zone; Argo Fault Zone; Owen Fault Zone