Chemical composition of ultrabasites and gabbro from rift zones of the Indian Ocean, supplement to: Chernysheva, Victoria I (1969): Ultrabasite and gabbro from the rift zones of the Arabian-Indian and Western Indian underwater ridges. Oceanology, 9, 519-528


Results of petrographic studies of ultrabasites and gabbro from rift zones of the Indian Ocean are discussed using materials of Cruise 36 of R/V Vityaz. Rocks sampled from two sites 2700 km apart are close to each other in their composition. Petrographically ultrabasic rocks are divided into four subgroups: I - dunite; II - harzburgite, serpentinite; III - plagioclase lherzolite; and IV - metamorphically altered rocks. Petrographic description and chemical composition of basic rock varieties are presented as well as description of rock-forming minerals and their optical properties. Formation of pyroxene and plagioclase is shown to be related to autometasomatosis. Formation of ultrabasite in rift zones is related to complicated processes.

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