Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein (CETP) as a Drug Target for Cardiovascular Disease


Contains data and computer scripts to generate the figures underlying the manuscript: Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein (CETP) as a Drug Target for Cardiovascular Disease.The Scripts and deposited data This directory contains R and python scripts along with the data necessary to generate the results described in the manuscript: 'cholesteryl ester transferprotein (CETP) as a drug target for cardiovascular disease'. ## Directory content .├──├── scripts├── figures├── MR_data├── TRIAL_data└── PICKLED_dataThe scripts directory contains the computer codes necessary to generate the figures which get saved to the figures directory.The scripts source data from the MR_data and TRIAL_data directories. The PICKLED_data directory contains the python pickled files from which we extracted the .csv files in MR_data -- these files can be ignored. ## Computer scriptsThe directory root contains various R (.R) and python (.py) scripts that will process the data files. It also contains a cetp_conda_env.yml file to conda install the necessary R and python modules:cd scriptsconda env create -f cetp_conda_env.ymlThis creates the cetp conda environment. To generate the figures, please run the following bash script:# run from the scripts directory./ Input and output scripts/ Takes the MR_data .tsv files and returns Figures 2 and 5. scripts/MR_metabolites.R: Takes the MR_data .tsv/csv files and returns Figure 4. scripts/MR_forestplots.R: Takes the MR_data .tsv files and returns Figure 3. scripts/RCT_forestplots.R: Takes the TRIAL_data .xlsx files and returns Figure 1.## ContactPlease contact Floriaan Schmidt for any queries: .

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