European State Finance Database; Danish, Norwegian and Dutch Armies, Size and Cost, 1595-1896


Abstract copyright UK Data Service and data collection copyright owner.The European State Finance Database (ESFD) is an international collaborative research project for the collection of data in European fiscal history. There are no strict geographical or chronological boundaries to the collection, although data for this collection comprise the period between c.1200 to c.1815. The purpose of the ESFD was to establish a significant database of European financial and fiscal records. The data are drawn from the main extant sources of a number of European countries, as the evidence and the state of scholarship permit. The aim was to collect the data made available by scholars, whether drawing upon their published or unpublished archival research, or from other published material. The ESFD project at the University of Leicester serves also to assist scholars working with the data by providing statistical manipulations of data and high quality graphical outputs for publication. The broad aim of the project was to act as a facilitator for a general methodological and statistical advance in the area of European fiscal history, with data capture and the interpretation of data in key publications as the measurable indicators of that advance. The data were originally deposited at the UK Data Archive in SAS transport format and as ASCII files; however, data files in this new edition have been saved as tab delimited files. Furthermore, this new edition features documentation in the form of a single file containing essential data file metadata, source details and notes of interest for particular files.

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The files in this dataset relate to the data files held in the Leicester database in the directory /armies/.. The interest of this data in the longer term is to build up a run of statistics for the period of the so-called military revolution'. This was a decisive factor in the increase of state expenditure on war and the creation of the so-calledfiscal military state'. It may also be possible to build up, in the longer term, calculations of a relative state efficiency (expenditure in terms of army size), relative state mobilization (army size in terms of overall population levels) and an index of state expenditure in real terms (via the cost of payment of armies). File Information g103ded1. Size and cost of Danish and Norwegian armies, 1680-1765 g103ded2. Size and cost of Danish and Norwegian armies, 1771-1813 g103ded3. Contributions towards the Danish and Norwegian armies from provincial chambers, 1771-1813 g103ded4. Cost of the Danish and Norwegian army, 1814-1896 g103dem1. Total manpower and composition of the Danish and Norwegian armies, 1680-1813 g103dem2. Total cost of the Danish and Norwegian armies in cash, 1680-1810 g103ned1. Strength of the Dutch army, 1595-1793 g103nem1. Total manpower of the Danish/Norwegian and Dutch armies, 1680-1769? Please note: this study does not include information on named individuals and would therefore not be useful for personal family history research.

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