In Situ Evaluation of High Temperature Creep Deformation Behavior of Single-Crystal Nickel-Based Superalloy by Using High-spatial Resolution


Because the blade failure in turbine engine may threaten the structure integration and the human safety, the creep deformation behavior of single-crystal nickel-base superalloy and its crystallographic damage mechanism should be clarified both for the produce of turbine engine and for the development of high-temperature materials science. Our previous study showed that the local creep deformation was related to the accumulation of crystallographic slip deformation. Here, the local crystal rotation and the misfit strain measurement at high temperature will be in situ evaluated by high-spacial resolution neutron diffraction to clarify the mechanism of the creep damage evolution. It is expected to promote the development of non-destructive lifetime evaluation technique and the creep damage evolution of nickel-base alloys.

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Creator Dr Pingguang Xu; Dr Yoshinori Shiota; Dr Mayumi Ojima; Dr Junya Inoue; Professor Koichi Akita; Ms Yonghui Huan
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2014
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