XRF core scanner geochemistry, PC1 scores and detrended PC1 scores of sediment core JPC42 from Wide Channel, Chile


Inorganic geochemical data of the JPC42 and KC41 cores obtained by ITRAX XRF core scanning (Cox Analytical Instruments) at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, PC1 scores, and detrended PC1 scores, at a resolution of 2 mm. The XRF scanner was operated with 20 s scan times using a Mo X- Ray tube set to 30 kV and 45 mA. Elemental variations are expressed in terms of centered log-ratios (clr) to avoid dilution effects and to overcome the closed-sum effect and non-negative nature of compositional data (Weltje et al., 2015, doi:10.1007/978-94-017-9849-5_21). The table contains both the raw (cps; counts per second) and processed clr (dimensionless) data. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was conducted with XLSTAT v2016 and used to examine the covariance within the XRF core scanner data. Increasing PC1 scores are interpreted to represent a relative increase in terrestrial sediment supply, and vice versa.

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Spatial Coverage (-74.377 LON, -49.915 LAT); Wide Channel, Chile