Phytoplankton community composition, pigment concentration and CTD measurements in high-hutrient low-chlorophyll subantarctic waters on Campbell Plateau, southeast of New Zealand during autumn 2017


The CTD and phytoplankton microscopy and pigment data deposited here were collected during a 3-week voyage on board of the New Zealand R/V Tangaroa to the Campbell Plateau located in subantarctic waters southeast of NZ. In addition to the CTD profiles we are providing High Pressure Liquid Chromatography data of phytoplankton pigments and phytoplankton community composition data obtained from optical microscopy analysis of surface mixed-layer (10 m) water samples.

This work was supported by the Strategic Science Investment Funding of the Coasts and Oceans Centre (New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) project COOF1702.

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