Mikrocensus 1999, 3. quarter: Questions on Health


This Mikrozensus special survey poses questions form the field of health. In the field of health statistics there are numerous data records available but for coping with the increasing tasks of health policies additional information is required. It is surprising that simple basic data such as body height and weight of the population are not available except for the body height and weight of schoolchildren, apprentices and members of the Austrian Armed Forces. Moreover, it is not known how many people are sick at a certain date and how often and how long these people stay away from school or work due to sickness or injury. Statistics conducted by health insurances or hospitals provide this information only to some extent. Another important aspect of this survey - like in all other Mikrozensus special surveys - is structuring the result according to social groups and various characteristics of the interviewees, something that is not possible with an administrative statistic. The results can be used to appraise the current and future need for care facilities or measures to support care assistants. This data is also used to calculate the expense for health care measures for certain population groups. The results are also a basis for campaigns of the health administration for instance against smoking, obesity, high cholesterol levels or for more utilisation of preventive health care. Similar surveys had been conducted in 1973 and 1991. The time comparison should make interpretations for changes in this field possible. Important questions on health politics which are frequently discussed now were covered thoroughly in this program. New are questions on the “Mutter-Kind-Pass”-examinations (mother-child passport examination) or on physical activity. This survey on the connection of health and labour conditions is especially important in view of the publicly discussed efforts to humanise the world of employment and the topic of early retirement.

Probability: Stratified: Disproportional

Face-to-face interview

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