Mg/Ca-derived Holocene Sea Surface Temperature database


Dating method:(a) radiocarbon + correlation with nearby MD98-2176(b) AMS 14C on ME-43JC; ODP1242 is correlated with ME43-JC through comparison of d18O. Mg/Ca and sediment density data; SST of both sequences are together(c) The chronology was obtained by attributing ages to the key stratigrahic events identified in other cores from the North Atlantic with detailed radiocarbon chronologies.Calibrations: Lea et al. (2000): Mg/Ca = 0.3 exp(0.089T) (core top calibration)Dekens et al. (2002): Mg/Ca = 0.38 exp(0.09T) (core top calibration)Anand et al. (2003): Mg/Ca = 0.38 exp(0.09T) (sediment trap calibration)Nürnberg et al. (1996): Mg/Ca = 0.38 exp(0.091T) (culture experiments)Mashiotta et al. (1999): Mg/Ca = 0.474 exp(0.107T) (culture experiments)Hastings et al. (2001): Mg/Ca = 0.38 exp(0.089T) (core top calibration)von Langen et al. (2005): Mg/Ca = 0.51 exp(0.1T) (culture experiments on N. pachyderma (d))Elderfield and Ganssen (2000): Mg/Ca = 0.52 exp(0.1T) (core tops)Barker and Elderfield (2002): Mg/Ca = 0.72 exp(0.1T) (core tops)Thornalley et al. (2009): Mg/Ca = 0.794 exp(0.1T) (core tops)

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Creator Leduc, Guillaume; Schneider, Ralph R; Kim, Jung-Hyun; Lohmann, Gerrit
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2010
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Size 587 data points
Discipline Earth System Research
Spatial Coverage (-92.398W, -45.534S, 174.931E, 62.090N); North Atlantic Ocean; Caribbean Sea; Benguela Current, South Atlantic Ocean; South China Sea; Equatorial East Pacific; North Pacific Ocean; Northeast Atlantic; NE-Brazilian continental margin; off Cameroon; Timor Sea; Emperor Seamounts; De Soto Canyon; Chatham Rise
Temporal Coverage Begin 1963-04-06T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2002-07-16T13:50:00Z