LIVES-Jobvul strives for a better understanding of labour market outcomes by surveying recruiters. Its aim is to provide data on the demand-side of the Swiss labour market, using a quasi-experimental technique to allow for causal analysis. In particular, it is useful for analysing the effect of civil status, migration background, sex, children, level and type of education, and participation in active labour market programmes (ALMP) on wage recommendations and the likelihood to get invited to a job interview. LIVES-Jobvul is a joint research project of two of the Swiss National Science Foundation National Centres for Competence in Research: LIVES, Overcoming vulnerability: life course perspectives and On the Move: The migration-mobility nexus. As such, it seeks to contribute to the key objectives of the two research centres: using innovative analytical techniques to study causes of vulnerability across the life course, notably relating to family formation and migrant backgrounds.

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