Multi-proxy analysis of the Attefeld loess-paleosol sequence, Bavaria, Germany


The datasets include grain-size, color, and geochemical results of sediment samples from one loess-paleosol sequence (LPS) located in southwestern Germany. The Attenfeld profile (48° 46'39.828 N; 11° 11'43.188 E; 424 m asl) is situated in a former quarry (Tertiary sands) that is used as a landfill. It is located around 4 km north of the Danube River and about 25 km west of Ingolstadt within the Franconian Jura's southern extent. In 2015, sediment samples were taken consciously in a 5-cm resolution for further laboratory analyses from the surface to a depth of 3 m. We analyzed the grain-size distribution of the <2000 µm fraction with a laser diffraction particle size analyzer (LS13320, Beckman Coulter and conducted color measurements using a spectrophotometer (Konica Minolta CM-5). The element concentration of the <63 µm fraction was determined with an energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) spectrometer (SPECTRO XEPOS, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH) in a helium surrounding. The total carbon (TC) contents were quantified by thermal conductivity using a CHNS-Analyzer (HECAtech EuroEA3000). The carbonate content as an equivalent to calcium carbonate was volumetrically measured using a calcimeter on bulk samples (air-dried, homogenized, and sieved at 2000 µm) and expressed as CaCO3. Organic carbon (Corg) was calculated by Corg = TC – (CaCO3*0.12). The dataset covers the last interglacial-glacial cycle and was analyzed under the aspects of the environmental dynamics, paleosol developments, wind intensities, and the role of geomorphological settings on the preservation of LPS.

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