Macrobenthos of Karadag Reserve Area in 2008, sand biotopes (Southeastern Crimea)


Macrofauna were sampled in Karadag Reserve Area in 2008 on Sudak- Karadag shelf (Black Sea off the coast of south-eastern Crimea) with the device "Petersen Grab 0.1m⁻²", at depths from 7 to 15 m. The sampled material was washed with 1 mm mesh sieve system and preserved in 75% alcohol, which is known to preserve morphological structures without distortion. We avoided prior fixation in formalin in order to not damage calcareous taxa. For each species, the average abundance (Ind m⁻²), the average wet biomass (g m⁻²) and the number of species was recorded. The communities of the mollusk Chamelea gallina (L., 1758) have been registered.

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Creator Mazlumyan, Sofia A; Boltacheva, Natalya; Revkov, N K
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Publication Year 2018
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Spatial Coverage (35.199W, 44.907S, 35.256E, 44.939N); Black Sea
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