Generalized Machine Learning Equalization in Coherent Receivers


Dataset underpinning manuscript "Generalized Machine Learning Equalization in Coherent Receivers".

"graph_data.xlsx" is an excel spreadsheet containing the graph data. There are two sheets, "Launch Power" which contains the data in Fig 2a, and "Dispersion" containing the data in Fig 2b. In each sheet, the first column is the X axis and further columns are the Y values.

"" and "" contain the training and validation data used in this paper (testing data was generated at test time). Both were generated in Pytorch 2.1, and can be accessed using the built in "torch.load" function supplied by Pytorch. Each file contains a list of dictionaries with keys "rx_training_sequece", "rx_data_sequence", and "tx_data_symbols", denoting the received training sequence, received data sequence, and transmitted symbols respectively, with the corresponding values being complex tensors.

"" contains the pulse-shaped training sequence, generated in Pytorch 2.1 and can be accessed in the same way as above, containing a complex tensor.

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Creator Lennard, Sam; Marques Ferreira, Filipe
Publisher University College London UCL
Contributor Figshare
Publication Year 2023
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