Transnational coverage of news in European Union (2010)


Data are based on a study on the systemic factors correlated with the transnational media coverage of foreign news. The dataset matches information provided by various data sources in order to performs a quantitative assessment of the systemic determinants of the network of EU transnational citations through the articles published in the main national media. The main source consists of a large dataset created by Economisti Associati on the transnational coverage of foreign news based on 148 national media and 1.96 million articles published between 16 August and 15 November 2010 by the main general and business newspapers in the EU countries. For each European country the foreign news coverage was measured in terms of the presence of references to other EU countries (target countries) in articles published in national media. References to foreign EU countries are sought in the title and body of every article through search strings containing the name of the target countries, translated into various languages. For each European country, the number of articles published in reference to each target country has been normalized on the total number of articles published in the country itself. Starting from this information, the unit of analysis of the dataset is the probability that an article published in a given European country refers to each of the target countries. The dataset combines information about media coverage with some indicators produced by other European sources. In particular: Eurostat: average population of the countries over the period 2000-2010; average GDP per capita in PPS over the period 2000-2010; bilateral trade flows as a fraction of the total international trade flows averaged over the period 1999-2001; CEPII (Center d'études prospectives et d'informations internationales): bilateral weighted distances and language commonality); CHES (Chapel Hill Expert Survey): political orientation in 2010; ECB (European Central Bank): average long-term interest rates over the period August-November 2010. The dataset is organized in 729 cases and 25 variables.

729 media relations. No sampling data



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