(Table 2) Composition of rain water collected over the Indian Ocean in 1967


Analytical data on the basic salt composition in evaporation products of sea (ocean) water and of rain water falling on the central area of the Indian Ocean are examined. Both hot and low-temperature (vacuum) distillation were used. When ocean water evaporates under calm conditions, sea salts in molecular-dispersed state, metamorphosed in the upper boundary layer, enter the atmosphere in addition to water vapor ("salt respiration of the ocean"). Concentration of these salts is about 0.5 mg per liter of water evaporated. Salts also enter the atmosphere from a foam-covered ocean surface as aerosols.

Supplement to: Bruevich, Semyon V; Korzh, Vyacheslav D (1969): Salt exchange between the ocean and the atmosphere. Oceanology, 9, 465-475

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