Sea floor depth under Ekström Ice Shelf, Antarctica, from seismic vibroseis surveys 2010-2018


Sea floor depth under Ekström Ice Shelf, Antarctica - from seismic reflection profiles collected between 2010 and 2018. For each seismic profile, the reflection time of the sea floor and ice-shelf base was identified and the depth to the sea floor was calculated using an ice velocity of 3601 m/s a sea-water velocity of 1451 m/s. The depths are referenced to mean sea-level (geoid EIGEN-6C4 ).The seismic data used here were collected using two different seismic vibroseis sources. The same snow streamer was used for all data acquisition - a 1500 m long, 60 channel snow streamer, with 25 m group spacing. Each group contains eight gimballed P-wave SM-4, 14 Hz geo-phones. Please note these data are the point data used to create the gridded bathymetry product of the region, found here: doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.907951Details of data acquisition and processing are given here: doi:10.1029/2019GL086187.

Seismic derived sea-floor depth picks Data from AWI vibroseis seismic surveys ek2010, ek2011, ek2104, ek2017, ek2018Details and data reference: Smith et. al, 2020Brief processing notes: Seismic arrival times were converted to depth using an ice velocity of 3601m/s and a water velocity of 1451m/s. Depths were corrected for surface elevation using the REMA model, re-reference to the EIGEN6C4 Geoid, i.e. Bed = seismic depth - REMA surface elevation - geoid correction

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Creator Smith, Emma Clare; Kuhn, Gerhard; Gaedicke, Christoph; Drews, Reinhard; Ehlers, Todd A; Franke, Dieter; Hofstede, Coen Matthijs; Lambrecht, Astrid; Läufer, Andreas; Mayer, Christoph; Tiedemann, Ralf; Eisen, Olaf
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Publication Year 2021
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Spatial Coverage (-9.434W, -71.927S, -7.494E, -70.516N); Ekström Ice Shelf